Course Management Consulting

Do you have questions about your existing business or would you like to start your own company in the near future? We will be happy to provide you with a 90-minute comprehensive consultation in the area of business consulting and work with you to find the optimal solution for your business.

Orientation on the legal and economic aspects of the different legal forms with regard to formation costs, taxes, accounting obligations as well as social insurances.

You have specific questions about company formation in Switzerland that you would like to have clarified in order to achieve your goal.

Target group
People who have recently founded their own company or want to do so in the near future.

Learning objectives
You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different legal forms and find the appropriate legal form for you. You will learn the most important topics regarding the applicable social security law, tax and accounting regulations with regard to business management.

CHF 300.- incl. VAT.

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