Course Tax Return

In this private course you will learn how to use the cantonal online tax program in a useful way. We will advise you during 90 minutes and answer all your questions about your own tax return. In addition, we share valuable tips and tricks to help you make the process more efficient and get the maximum possible deductions. You will also learn how to understand your tax bill and how to file a possible appeal correctly.

Orientation on the most important deductions, the recording of the securities register and the taxation of the property, as well as the explanation of the right of appeal and the tax bill.

Your provisionally completed online tax return with all tax documents as well as your prepared, specific questions are the basic requirements for this course. Having your most recent tax assessments ready for retrieval is an advantage.

Target group
Taxpayers who would like to complete their tax returns independently and have uncertainties in doing so.

Learning objectives
You will understand the basis of a tax return as well as the practical handling of the online tax program. You will also be able to complete your own tax return independently.

During the booked 90 minutes, up to two tax returns of two different taxpayers can be discussed. Married persons with a joint tax return are considered as one taxpayer.

The course price for a taxable person is CHF 300.- incl. VAT.
The course price for two taxable persons is CHF 400.- incl. VAT.

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