Meral Korkmaz

Managing Director
After 10 years of fiduciary experience, among others in an international consulting firm in Zurich as well as in a renowned law firm in Basel, where she served both individuals and corporate clients, Meral Korkmaz last worked for 5 years in the tax department of an international agricultural company in Basel. In addition, she lectures at KV Basel in the courses for Junior Trust Officer and Junior Tax Officer.

Jan Bertolli

Business Partner

After several years of banking experience, especially in securities trading, Jan Bertolli joined a trust company in Riehen in 1990, where he was elected to the Board of Directors in 1991. In 2015 he founded his own fiduciary company, Allevio Treuhand AG. Today, Allevio Treuhand AG is a successful fiduciary company that is well established in Basel. His long-standing clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as private persons.

Meral Korkmaz and Jan Bertolli attended and successfully completed the training course for Certified Fiduciary, Federal Diploma of Higher Education (2007 – 2010), together. They are business partners from January 2021, with the primary goal of jointly supporting their clients in all fiduciary and tax matters in a competent and solution-oriented manner.

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